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Thatching has been practiced in Great Britain, Germany and many other parts of the world for centuries and it is still very popular. It is well suited to warmer and dryer climates, because of its excellent insulation qualities. The flexibility and continuity in shape, the beautiful decorative interior and exterior layer and the fact that thatch is natural and environmentally friendly makes this product very unique. The use of thatch will definitely improve the look and value of entertainment areas and homes.

Thatching is also idea for commercial projects and is often used as the chosen roofing material for beach bars, pool bars and entertainment areas, delivering an authentic tropical ambience.

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Highest Quality Materials & Craftmanship

The thatching reed “Thamnochortus Insignis Mast” is cultivated and specially selected in South Africa for exportation to many countries worldwide (Spain, Germany, Israel etc.). Thamnochortus Insignis grows in unfertile, slightly acidic sands at the base of limestone dunes, needing six years to reach maturity. Once harvested the culms are left for six weeks to dry. Thereafter the culms are selected, ties up in bundles and stacked into conical ricks of 1000, ready for transportation. This quality reed is long, thin, durable, strong and has a protective waxy layer. The thatch gets tied up in layers with treated rope to a thickness of 150mm to 200mm. Good compaction along with good craftsmanship, quality thatching reed and drier areas can allow this product to last for over 100 years.