About Us
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About Us



Our architectural designs are inspired by the extraordinary colours, cultures and sheer exuberance of the vibrant continent of Africa. We then combine those ideas with the use of the best quality thatched roofing materials from South Africa, Asia and Europe, and highest quality timber from Australia.

The result is a stunning integration of different cultures, our original ideas, and of course your needs.

Our huts provide solace from any extremes of weather, whilst still allowing you to enjoy the outside space – as enclosed or open as you wish.

The stunning roof work is as elegant as it is sturdy and practical. A web of interlinked supporting timbers and beautifully woven thatch, blend in with the surrounding nature, as well as being effective against rain, wind and sun.

We believe the outside structures and living areas should make a statement. Complementing the gardens and the pools, while presenting a definitive image in their own right.

Anything less would be a shortcut, and we don’t take shortcuts…


Aurelio De Abreu is the founder of Diseños y Tejados Tropicales S.L., a company dedicated to exterior design, and solutions for roofs using natural materials like reed, heather, etc.., As well as timber structures, both noble and laminated.
Aurelio has worked 19 years in this sector, and is a pioneer who first introduced this type of material construction in Spain. He also has an extensive list of prestigious collaborators, both architects, and entrepreneurs of national and international reputation.


Aurelio De Abreu