Our Service
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Our Service

Our Service

Having plans, visions, and designs are one thing. But successfully putting them into practice is something else altogether.


  • What is it that makes a client voluntarily recommend you to their friends and colleagues?
  • What is it that makes a project go smoothly, compared to projects that fall apart?
  • What is it that makes you stand out from the crowd?


The answer of course is outstanding service.


And we at Diseños Tropicales are proud of the service we provide. With more than two decades of experience in the business, our team of internationally acclaimed and qualified civil engineers and landscape gardeners will ensure the highest professional standards throughout your project.

Our truly international service can be broken down in to 4 distinct phases.


Phase One:

A personal visit to the site in question and an in-depth talk to the client. We will never impose our ideas or rush things. Our job is to observe and then advise, with a clean slate and an open mind.

An actual site visit allows us to get a “feel” of what’s required and to discover the personality and style of the client – this can then be injected in to the final product. We will also take photographs from every possible angle, to further enhance our understanding of the space.

To look. To learn. To listen.


Phase Two:

Approximately one week after phase one; we will be in a position to present what we call a “concept” design.  This will be an artistic hand-drawn interpretation of the final outcome (Computer generated imagery is also available if required).

This means you can easily interpret our plans.  At this stage there is still great flexibility over the final outcome.

To visualize. To imagine. To adapt.


Phase Three:

Approximately three weeks after stage two, we will present a more detailed design, including measurements and scales – the final draft if you will.


Phase Four.


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