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The Bespoke Residential & Commercial Thatching Specialists

We all need our personal outdoor space. Somewhere we can feel safe and secure. A place to relax. A place to enjoy. A place to be. But what we do with that space is as important as merely having it, and being inspired by nature, and being inspired by nature is the key to the ethos and passion of Diseños Tropicales. For us, exterior architecture is not about straight lines, rigidity, or convention. It is about being at one with the environment. Working with nature, not against it. This is landscaping at its finest and most exclusive. Creating or regenerating an outdoor space, however large or small. From luxury private villas, to the world’s most exclusive hotels…and beyond. If there’s an outdoor space, Diseños Tropicales can transform it into an extraordinary and showpiece in its own right. Style fused with an astonishing attention to detail. Harmony combined with our unique ideas and stunning concepts.




Life is about living. It’s about enjoying to the full the precious time we have on this earth. Appreciating the nature that surrounds us and blending our lives to match, is something not lost on the great poets of our time. Being at one with Mother Nature is part of our ethos. And what we create in a literal sense is living art. Our gardens and landscapes are alive with health and vitality. They don’t stand still. They evolve, grow, and mature in a fashion required by the client, while the pools and structures are designed to complement this growth. The only boundary is your imagination. It is not just about investment and increasing the material value of your space (though considerable). It is also about the pleasures of life itself. We want to exceed your expectations, leaving you thrilled and astounded by your new space, allowing you to enjoy life as it was meant to be. Whether it’s for your friends, family, clients, or just you, allow us to transform your landscape in to something outstanding. So set us a challenge and we will rise to it. We will stretch the limits of what is possible, while giving sound honest advice about what is not. We will integrate our ideas with your needs. We will give you guidance along the way. And we will provide you with regular project updates for complete peace of mind. Think of it as an adventure in lifestyle design.